When Is Hand Surgery Needed For Nerve DamageIf you have cut your hands when performing various tasks in the home and the bleeding is uncontrollable, you will need medical attention. Other signs that indicate that you need immediate care is loss of sensation around the area or a deep cut.

How To Know That You Require Surgery

Minor cuts only necessitate stitches to prevent infection and arrest the bleeding. However, when the cut is too deep, and you have most probably suffered from tendon and nerve damage, you will require surgery.

Some minor nerve injuries can heal independently, but the severe injuries require specialized care from a  surgeon who specializes in surgery of the hand. Dr. Yospur is an expert in this type of surgery, which is entirely intrinsic to your recovery.

What Does Hand Nerve Surgery Involve?

Dr. Yospur will repair both the nerves and tendons on the affected hand. In most instances, the surgery is performed within a week after the injury to increase the chances of full recovery. The surgical nerve damage repair helps to restore the sensation of your hands.

The most common procedure to restore the physiological integrity of your hand is performing direct nerve repair, where Dr. Yospur connects the damaged ends of your nerves to the healthy ones. In some cases, direct nerve repair might be impossible, and Dr. Yospur will opt for a nerve graft that involves replacing the damaged nerve with a healthy one from a part of your body.

After the surgical procedure, Dr. Yospur will wrap your hands to prevent infections on the wound and promote quick healing. It is usual for your hands to swell after the surgery. The best post-operative care for your hand includes:

  • Icing the hand to minimize swelling and reduce pain
  • Keep the wound dry and clean to prevent infections
  • Elevate the hand above your heart

Surgery is paramount if you suffer severe damage to your hand that affects your tendons and nerves. The procedure seeks to restore the physiological integrity of your hand and prevent permanent disability.

For an experienced hand surgeon who holds a fellowship in surgery of the hand, contact us to schedule a consultation with Dr. Yospur.