To Decide Which Breast Procedure is Right For YouHave you ever pondered or thought about cosmetic breast surgery? Then, you probably need to evaluate carefully whether or not you need a breast enhancement.

In considering breast augmentation, a number of criteria should be considered. The placement of your nipples, the roundness of your breast, and generally increase the size of your breast based on how big you would want to be. These three criteria will help you decide on which breast procedure is right for you.

Here are a few critical points to consider when determining which breast procedure is right for you.

Placement of nipples

When your nipples slope lower or lie under your breast when you look at it in the mirror then you could be a great fit for a breast lift. The nipple/areola can shift position, stretch, or get larger due to collapsing tissues or volume loss.

Roundness of breast

This refers to the volume of your breast. Women who lost weight may appear to have a flat or tiny chest due to loss of fat surrounding the breast. Breasts may also grow bigger and then inflate based on the age, childbearing, and lactation/breastfeeding. An implant could be helpful in adding bulk to the chest and it can also improve the contour of the breasts.

Increase in breast size

You might wish for bigger breasts or wish to rectify asymmetry. Dr. Yospur will go through all of the implant possibilities with you during your appointment. You’ll also be able see and try on different breast implant sizes to have a better concept of how you’ll look following the treatment.

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You can expect a thorough, client-centered exam during which your surgeon will address your inquiries directly, understand your health information, and determine the outcomes you expect. This will help you figure out the best procedure(s) to attain the outcomes you want.

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