Considering tummy tuck surgery? If so, you probably have a lot of questions. Having any kind of surgery can be scary if you don’t know what to expect. So, here are some answers to those general tummy tuck questions that may be circling your mind.

First, what should you ask and/or learn during a doctor’s consultation?

You should consider going to a board-certified surgeon for a consultation and, subsequent, operation. Expect the surgeon to provide a personalized and comprehensive examination particularly regarding your physical condition. They’ll review your medical history, provide treatment options, as well as, take “before” photos of you to be compared to the “afters” so you can see your results.

Your next question might be: what does a tummy tuck surgery entail?

During the operation, your doctor will, diligently, work on removing excess fat and skin from your abdomen area. If the purpose of the surgery is to repair abdominal muscles after giving birth, then this is done as well. In addition, if agreed upon during consultation, liposuction will also be done at this point to help contour the sides and abdomen.

Another query that might be at the top of your mind is: what is the recovery time like?

Pain and discomfort is, of course, expected. You will be given medication for this to be taken for a few days. You will have to wear a compression garment for about one and a half months to help with the swelling.

Usually, patients can return to work after about two weeks after surgery. The swelling would have subsided a lot by that time and will continue to do so until about three months post-op. The scarring will likewise become thinner and lighter in coloring after a year or more.

Risks after surgery include infection and bleeding but are minimal in occurrence. Talk to Dr. Yospur about these risks as well as to get the answers to any other tummy tuck questions you might have. Contact us today.