How To Get The Side Boob LookCleavage is taking a back seat to the latest and greatest trend: side boob. You’ve seen it on the red carpets and glamorized in the media. Just like cleavage, some women have it naturally and some do not.

If you don’t already have it and you’re wanting to get this look, plastic surgery may be the route you go to make it happen.

What Is Side Boob?

Side boob is exactly as it sounds. It is when the side of your breast shows along the outer edge of your clothing. It takes the focus off the middle, and puts it instead on the side. Whether it is that little black dress, a top, or a bathing suit, many women are going after this trend.

How To Get The Side Boob Look

Breast augmentation is one way to get this look. The addition of breast implants will help you have bigger, fuller breasts.

You also have different options for implants that may play a role in getting the desired look. A silicone implant is the most common. Another option is saline, but you may see wrinkling and rippling with that option.

Talk with Dr. Yospur to go over options, sizes, and placement of the implant if getting the side boob look is your goal.

Board certification matters and it is an important designation for the doctor you choose to have. Dr. Yospur is board-certified. Board certification is an extra step that many doctors take to show that they have knowledge of and practice with the latest advancements in their field. It also shows that they care about delivering a high level of quality to their patients.

If this is the look you desire, Dr. Yospur can help you achieve it.

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