What To Expect For Some Common Hand SurgeriesHand surgery may be done for various reasons. The kind of surgery depends on the injury, trauma, or deformity. For more complex cases, it may happen that a combination of surgeries and treatments may be needed to address the problem/s. Whatever the case, your doctor will recommend the best technique for your particular ailment.

The most common procedure done for hand injury is tendon repair. In this case, when the hand experienced a traumatic injury that cut the tendons in this area, the tendon that was cut will
retract from the wound site. Tendon repair surgery will retrieve the retracted tendon and reconnect it to restore movement and function.

Another procedure that may be done is for carpal tunnel syndrome treatment. This is done to relieve the pressure on the median nerve found in the carpal tunnel. Usually, an incision is done
from the middle part of the palm to the wrist. This is done to allow access to the constricted nerve.

Your doctor will inform you about the steps to be taken for the whole treatment. In summary, a hand surgery will have the following series of procedures:

  • Medication, the use of anesthesia will be recommended for your comfort
  • Incision, this is the part where you will get the surgery as your case may need
  • Incision Closure, depending on your treatment, you will be given a removable or non-removable sutures
  • Surgery Result, as the swelling from the hand surgery subsides, you will gradually see the results.

Final results cannot be rushed, so give your body the healing time that it needs. It may take a few months before full outcome is actually noticeable.

For hand injuries or pain of anytime, you benefit from a consultation with a hand surgeon. To make an appointment, contact us today.