How To Prevent Animal Bites To The HandWhen it comes to animal bites to the hand, prevention is key. As much as we love our pets and the animals in our families, sometimes they can cause injury. Animal lovers often make mistakes.  This could lead to a minor injury such as one caused by a little playful nip to the hand by a new puppy. Or, it could result in a more serious injury-causing hospitalization or surgery.

When you are in the midst of animals, how do you protect yourself? Knowing some of the best ways to protect areas of your body, like your hands is essential. This article will offer you some tips on how to prevent animal bites to the hand.

First of all — as obvious as it sounds, it is still worth saying — keep your hands away from the animal’s mouth. This will help to avoid bites where the animal feels provoked. In instances where a bite might have been unprovoked, or if a dog attacks, use any object you can (other than your hands) to put something in between yourself and the animal.

Also, helping to educate children about behavior around animals is important. Some things to help children understand include:
● Not to pull on an animal’s tail or ears
● Not to take toys away from an animal
● Don’t bother an animal while it is eating or drinking
● Do not try to pet unfamiliar animals

But it’s not just at home that these types of injuries can happen.

If you are going camping or hiking in particular, where you may come into contact with many different kinds of animals, then educate yourself on how to protect yourself, and in particular your hands from snakes, bears, or any other animals that may be in the woods. The more you understand about how these animals attack, the better you will understand what to do to prevent a bite or an attack.

These are ways that show you how to prevent animal bites to the hand. If you keep these tips and advice on your shortlist, then you will be well prepared in keeping your hands safe from animal bites.

If you or someone in your family does happen to experience an animal bite injury to the hands, this may need to be looked at and treated. If the bite has done damage to ligaments, tendons, or fractured any bones in the hand, a hand surgeon such as Dr. Yospur may need to be involved in your care. Contact us today.