Breast reduction and breast lift are two options available to women who are unhappy with their large, sagging breasts. While either procedure can improve the shape of the breasts, the
option chosen will depend on the individual goals of the patient. Both procedures will likely raise the breasts and make them appear at least a little bit smaller, but each option has a
different primary goal.

Breast Lift is About Positioning

Women seeking a breast lift might be happy with the size of their breasts, but they are concerned about sagging or unevenness. These patients basically just want to change the position of their breasts. Although lifting large breasts could make them look either slightly bigger or slightly smaller, the actual breast size stays the same. Getting a breast lift is usually purely for cosmetic reasons since it doesn’t actually lighten the load.

Breast Reduction is About Size

Patients seeking breast reduction surgery are obviously unhappy with their breast size. This
could be just due to personal preference, but more often than not, those seeking breast reduction are suffering from back pain, poor posture, and activity limitations. Breast reductions are often done for these practical reasons as opposed to cosmetic ones.

Breast Reduction vs Breast Lift DifferencesBreast Lift and Breast Reduction at Once

That said, women with very large breasts often opt for a combination of both procedures. Removing both tissue and skin will decrease back pain and achieve a perkier look at the same time. (The nipples may also need to be reduced and repositioned to match the smaller-sized breasts.)

In a nutshell, a breast lift usually involves removing excess skin to raise the position of the breasts for cosmetic reasons, whereas a breast reduction means removing excess fat and tissue
to make the breasts smaller and lighter. Those are two different issues. However, when a patient with large breasts wants them reduced, they often request that they be lifted at the same time.

Should you decide to undergo either a breast reduction and/or breast lift, having an understanding surgical team is of the utmost importance. Dr. Yospur and staff will walk you through the entire process, beginning with answering any questions you have about your procedures. To schedule a consultation, contact us today.