What Is A Ganglion CystA ganglion cyst is a fluid-filled swelling that usually develops on parts of the human body that move; such as tendons and joints. The most commonplace for ganglion cysts to develop are on the back of the wrists, the hands, and along with the fingers. Nobody definitively knows why ganglion cysts develop, but there is an understanding that as the fluid in a ganglion cyst is the same jelly-like fluid, called synovial fluid, that lubricates joints and tendons, a ganglion cyst might actually be caused by age-related leakage of synovial fluid from joints and tendons.

While ganglion cysts are harmless, they are known to cause discomfort and pain. This is in part due to the fact that they can range in size from a small garden pea to a golf ball, and the fact that they are often on parts of the body that move. Therefore, in much the same way as a spot, the bigger a ganglion cyst is, the more movement can cause it to trigger discomfort and pain.

More often than not medical professionals will advise their patients to leave ganglion cysts alone, as in some cases they simply disappear over time. However, if a ganglion cyst is causing unacceptable levels of mental as well as physical discomfort or pain, then there are treatment options available to have the cyst removed. The most common treatment is to aspirate the cyst. This involves using local anesthesia, a needle, and syringe to drain the synovial fluid from the cyst sac which often clears the cyst. However, because the sac itself is not removed, there is around a 50% chance of the ganglion cyst returning following aspiration.

The most successful form of treatment, therefore, is to opt for the surgical removal of the ganglion cyst under either local or general anesthetic. This can take two forms. The first is to remove the cyst sac using open surgery. The second is to remove the cyst sac with arthroscopic or ‘keyhole’ surgery. Both methods of surgical removal of ganglion cysts are incredibly effective, carry minimal risks and the ganglion cyst often never returns.

If you find yourself suffering from a ganglion cyst, Dr. Yospur cam help. With a fellowship in surgery of the hand, a complex subspecialty of plastic surgery, he is able to help you find the best course of treatment for your hand pain.

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