Then your hands are aching, you may be unable to undertake the daily tasks taken for granted like brushing, vacuuming, or even dressing. In such cases, hand surgery might be the only treatment. This surgery is performed for various reasons like repairing tendons and nerves. The surgery reduces pain and restores the normal function of a hand. Below are common hand surgeries and procedures.

Joint replacement

Joint replacement or arthroplasty is performed in severe arthritis cases. Artificial joints are used to replace the joints damaged by arthritis. The artificial joints are made from plastics, silicone rubber, metal, or body tissue.

Surgical drainage

This is also known as debridement which is used to treat a hand infection. Surgical drainage is used to drain fluid in a case where you have an abscess or a sore. If the wound is so severe, debridement is used to clean all the dead tissue around the wound. This not only helps the wound to heal but also prevents the wound from getting further infections.

Nerve repairs

The nerves may be damaged as a result of an injury which may lead to loss of the hand functionality and feeling. Minor injuries of the nerve do not require treatment as they heal naturally while others require surgeries. Nerve repair is done after about 4 to 7 weeks after the injury. When the nerves are fully damaged, the patient is treated by nerve grafting or by attaching the damaged nerve to another nerve ending.

These common hand surgeries and procedures can help with a number of different conditions. If you find yourself in need of surgical help look to Dr. Yospur. With a fellowship in surgery of the hand, a complex subspecialty of plastic surgery, he is able to help diagnose and treat any hand pain you may be experiencing.

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