What Is Plastic SurgeryThe plastic surgery world has changed a lot over time. People see the field as an innovative idea in its own right. Patients might consider the option for many various reasons.

What Is Plastic Surgery?

 To get familiar with plastic surgery, it may help to understand the origin of the word. While the term “plastic” may bring up the thought “fake”, a more accurate representation of the word would be “to mold or to form”. This is because the word is rooted in the Greek “plastikos”, which holds that meaning.

Reasons For Plastic Surgery

 Plastic surgery can take different forms for different reasons. Some common reasons for plastic surgery include:

  • Enhancing appearance
  • Improving functionality
  • Restoration

There are many reasons why plastic surgery may be performed including:

  • Abnormalities present at birth
  • Injury or trauma
  • Illness
  • Elective procedures

Plastic surgery may be either reconstructive or aesthetic. Reconstructive would be necessary in the case of illness, injury, or congenital abnormalities. Aesthetic would be cosmetic procedures done for solely appearance sake.

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Health insurance can defray some of the costs of plastic surgery. You can find out more about whether or not plastic surgery is a good option for you with an initial consultation.

The right clinic can show you before and after photos so you know what kind of result you can expect. When choosing to undergo plastic surgery, choose a board certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Yospur.

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He understands the strive for perfection and will treat your body like the beautiful work of art that it is, to help mold, shape, and form your desired look.

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