Millions of people in the world suffer from arthritis, both adults and children. Arthritis refers to dozens of joints diseases that cause inflammation, irritation and pain. Most cases of arthritis cannot be cured, but you can significantly ease your pain through medication and by doing hand exercises.

Hand exercises have the ability to strengthen the muscles, improve joint function, and help you maintain mobility. Below are some of them that might help you.

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Hand Exercises For Arthritis Pain

Finger and thumb bends

These are similar exercises. The first one focuses on your thumb while the next one covers all of your fingers. First of all, start by holding your hand straight. Then, bend your thumb towards your palm and hold for a few seconds. Afterwards, you return to the starting position.

To do the finger bend exercise, start from the same position by holding your hand straight. Then, bend each one of your fingers towards your palm. First your thumb, then your index finger, then your middle finger etc. Make sure you do this exercise with both hands.

Strengthening your grip & pinch

These exercises help you maintain strength and mobility. Start by taking a small, soft ball in your hand. Then, squeeze it for approximately 60 seconds. If you find it hard to do so for this amount of time it’s ok, hold it for as much as you can. Do this exercise for about ten times for each hand.

Make sure you repeat these exercises approximately three times a week, or as directed by your doctor or hand therapist. They will strengthen your muscles, help to alleviate some of your pain, maintain mobility in your fingers and hands despite your arthritis, and help you to hold things with more ease.

If you are concerned about any arthritis pain that you may be feeling in your hands, schedule a consultation with Dr. Yospur. He can guide you through conservative methods of treatment for arthritis pain. When conservative treatments no longer work, Dr. Yospur can speak with you about surgery if the pain interferes with your normal daily activities.

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