Why not learn some interesting hand facts? After all, you use your hands all day, every day, probably without even thinking twice about it. But do you take for granted their amazing abilities and all that they allow you to do?

Take a moment to give thanks for your wonderful hands and embrace these 6 interesting hand facts.

6 Interesting Hand Facts
● There are 27 bones in your hand
● Approximately 15% of the population is left-handed
● Our hands are able to grip in ways that other animals (such as chimps and gorillas) cannot. You can thank your strong opposable thumbs for that!
● Your fingers have no muscles. Instead, they contain tendons attached to muscles in other parts of the hand that help with movement.
● Fingernails grow faster than toenails. If you count how long it takes for your fingernail to completely grow out (from the root to the tip) it is 6 months. This is especially good to know if you are waiting for a bruise from a nail bed injury to grow out and disappear!
● Ever wish you could use both of your hands equally? 1 in 100 people can, as they are ambidextrous.

Take care of your hands as they take care of you in so many ways. Clean them, protect them, and address any injuries or potential injuries that you may have so that the problem does not complicate over time and you can continue to have full use of these amazing parts of your body.

Now that you know several interesting facts about your hand…

…if you have any pain, injury or discomfort in your hands, contact Dr. Yospur to schedule a consultation. With a fellowship in surgery of the hand, he can help address any hand issues that you are having, help get you out of pain, keep your hands healthy, and continue using them for many more years to come!