How To Care For Your Post Mommy Makeover BodyYour pregnancy can change your body in many ways, and women often feel that their bodies are never like they were before pregnancy. A mommy makeover is a set of specially designed
cosmetic procedures that can help you get back your pre-baby body.

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Because it is a more extensive procedure, it is vital that you have realistic expectations. These guidelines can help you prepare for the post-surgery care needed to get the best results and
return to normal activities as soon as possible.

How To Care For Your Post Mommy Makeover Body

  • Be sure to complete your medications as prescribed.
  • Your bed should also be prepared for your comfort after the operation, including sheets,
  • pillows and extra towels. If you need additional bandages, you can get them at a
  • pharmacy. For a significant period of time after surgery, you will need to be resting in
  • bed.
  • Prior to surgery, go shopping and store supplies in your home. This should include all
  • your favorite healthy foods too.
  • Driving will be impossible for several weeks, due to the discomfort and the fact that you
  • are taking pain medication after surgery. Plan to have someone who can drive you
  • where need to go during this period of time.
  • No lifting children or babies after your surgery. In case you have little children at home,
  • you may be forced to employ household help to take care of the little ones while you
  • recover. Ask a family member or friend to help take care of them for about two weeks
  • after surgery.

In general, you will want to create a plan to help you at home immediately after surgery so that your body can heal and recover in the proper ways.

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