Have you noticed your finger or thumb making a clicking sound? This is one symptom of a trigger digit, either a finger or thumb that seems to click or get stuck upon bending or extending. This may also be accompanied by pain or other symptoms. It is a common condition occurring in 2-3% of the population.

Your hand is comprised of not only bones, but also ligaments, tendons, joints, and more. When you perform an activity with your hand, (for example making a fist) you need your tendons to help pull your fingers closed. When one of those tendons gets stuck, this can lead to trigger finger, or trigger thumb. When that happens you may also notice a clicking or popping sound.

You may notice trigger finger or trigger thumb is more apparent after increased activity with the fingers and hands, especially activities that involve repetitive motion or gripping. Patients that have diabetes or rheumatoid arthritis, may be more inclined to experience this condition.

If your finger or thumb is making a clicking sound, check for these other symptoms:

  • Pain where the base of your finger meets the palm of your hand
  • A finger or thumb that locks, or gets stuck in position
  • A small lump on the inside of your hand where your finger meets the palm of your hand
  • A snapping sensation
  • Pain

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, you should have your condition evaluated by a hand surgeon:

  • numbness
  • swelling, deformity, inflammation, or discoloration
  • inability to fully extend finger or thumb
  • tenderness in palm of hand or at base of finger or thumb

The first option for treatment may be reducing activity or a corticosteroid injection. In most cases, this will help and 1-2 injections may be needed. Beyond this, if it continues to occur surgery may be recommended. Through surgery, a hand surgeon can help to release the tendon that is stuck.

Dr. Yospur completed a fellowship in surgery of the hand with the Division of Hand Surgery at Maricopa Integrated Health System in Phoenix and is able to help evaluate, diagnose, and treat complications of the hand, including trigger finger and trigger thumb.

If you are experiencing any popping or clicking noises in your fingers or thumbs that are accompanied by any of the symptoms listed above, contact us for an evaluation today.