Breast Augmentation After BreastfeedingMost women will experience tissue deflation in their breasts after breastfeeding. Regardless if it’s just a little or very deflated, many women want to see their breasts go back to how they were prior to breastfeeding. A breast augmentation can be an excellent way to restore the lost volume.

There are many implants that can be used to achieve this natural look. Saline, traditional silicone, anatomic-shaped, and form-stable cohesive gel implants are some of the options. The best results are achieved when measurements of the chest are taken and utilized to see which implant size and shape will work for you.

Prior to seeing the surgeon, it is important to be able to tell them exactly what you do not like about your breasts and what you want to be different. Whether it is their size, the position of the nipple, or any other issue, the surgeon will be able to assist you in getting the look you want.

If you are specifically looking for larger breasts, we would recommend that you get just a breast augmentation. You will want implants placed under the muscles using a dual-plane approach.

If you are looking for a lifted appearance, then we would recommend a breast augmentation performed simultaneously with mastopexy. This procedure will require a smaller implant and is an excellent option for adding size and achieving an overall rejuvenated appearance.

Although breastfeeding may decrease your breasts’ volume and alter their shape, there are some options available to not only fix your issues but also make your breasts even better than before.

If you have any questions regarding breast augmentation after breastfeeding, give us a call today!