The Different Brow Lift OptionsAlthough the brow is one of the most difficult places on the face for plastic surgeons to treat, the results can be amazing. There are many surgical brow lift techniques that will address the brow as well as the forehead. Keep reading to learn more about the different options!

Traditionally, the brow is rejuvenated with an incision which is made at the hairline. Although this worked for many years, it ended up pulling back on the forehead which was not the result people wanted.

Big changes were made when the BOTOX brow lift first came out. This drastically reduced the need for surgical brow lifts. Although this is still around, there are more current options that people have fallen in love with.

The lateral subcutaneous brow lift is one that addresses the issues that typically bother people the most. Many females do not like that the brow falls over time, and a lateral subcutaneous brow lift simulates a skin lift to correct this. This technique is performed by making a four to five centimeter incision into the hairline, removing the loose skin. This will achieve a true lift. Many women also want to improve the skin around their eyes. When performing a brow lift, we can also include blepharoplasty. This is a surgical option for patients who do not want frequent BOTOX injections.

Brow lifts are also popular in the male community. Most men are not looking for an arched brow, they want a straight brow along the eye socket. Since many males have balding, the surgeon will create a direct brow lift small incision hidden just above the eyebrow.

Although a brow lift can be scary to think about, it can create more confidence and give you the results for which you have been searching. There is no extended recovery period associated with a brow lift and no need to go to a hospital.

If you have any questions regarding the different types of brow lifts, or if you would like to have a consultation with a surgeon, contact us today.