Silicone gel breast implants have become much more popular in the last several years. They tend to have a more natural look and feel. However it is possible to achieve a very natural looking appearance with saline breast implants also. A silicone implant requires a larger incision because it goes in whole as opposed to the saline implant which is inserted like a cigar and inflated once in the breast. Silicone implants tend to have less rippling than saline. The more breast tissue you have above the implant the more likely that this can be hidden however. If you have very little breast tissue above the implant than the implant can be more visible. For this reason a silicone implant maybe more desirable. If you have a rupture of a saline implant it is very obvious as it completely deflates like a flat tire. Rupture of a silicone implant can be more difficult to detect and may require an MRI to find out. Financially silicone implants are considerably more expensive than saline implants.