It is not uncommon to have anxiety over choosing the implant size. After all you are the one that it’s going to live with this. For that reason it is important that you are more than comfortable with the ultimate implant size choice. In my own practice I do not choose my patient’s implant size but I do help them make a decision depending on what their ultimate desires are. I.e. Cleavage, don’t want breasts in the armpit etc. Each surgeon may have different ways of helping you choose the implant size. I have the patients try on the actual implant and see their comfort level. You look like an excellent candidate for a breast augmentation from the photograph. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of stretching of the skin if you do go to a larger implant. On occasion although not very common I have seen stretch marks when trying to go too large at once. Keep this in mind. Best of luck.